panic! at the basquiat (ladyjaida) wrote in dear_dean,
panic! at the basquiat

Hey girls, it's Dean Winchester. It's been a while, but being on the run from the law and being so damn sexy make it pretty hard to keep up with giving excellent advice. Anyway, after a conversation I had with Sam the other day, it's come to my attention that the internet has lots of hot chicks who are aware of my manly exploits.

In honor of Valentine's Day--fuzzy teddy bears, girls wrestling in liquid chocolate, all the good romantic stuff--I, Dean Winchester, am asking all of you to give me some visual evidence. There's enough of this Valentine to go around, ladies, so just play nice and give me a little eye candy. I'd especially like photos of some titties, since Sam won't ever let me fuck his. Just kidding, just kidding. I'll save that talk for later, I promise.

Real candy and sexy underwear can be sent to [address edited out by Sam Winchester].
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